Improves Memory

Regular Strength

Prevagen's apoaequorin has been clinically shown to improve memory, as well as other cognitive functions in adults.

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Healthy Brain Function

Extra Strength

Apoaequorin in Prevagen supports healthy brain function, improving cognitive performance in adults based on clinical trials and safety testing.

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Sharper Mind & Clearer Thinking

Professional Formula

Prevagen has been recommended as the #1 memory support brand by pharmacists, with its unique ingredient apoaequorin promoting a sharper mind and clearer thinking in adult users.

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  • Pack of 2

    Twice the power, twice the value. Our 2-Pack bundle gives you more for less.

  • Pack of 3

    Better together! Our 3-Pack bundle offers the ultimate balance for your health and well-being.

  • Pack of 4

    Stay on top of your game with our 4-Pack bundle. More support for your health and brain function.


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